3 Things an Office Deep Clean Should Always Include

3 Things an Office Deep Clean Should Always Include

3 things an office deep clean should always include

Most offices are busy and fast-paced places where things need to get done fast and well. A typical day includes people running late, back-to-back meetings, various appointments with different people, spilling coffee on the carpet, the sound of a microwave thawing somebody’s lunch, and so many other things that signify energy and life in the workplace. In all the busyness and the to-do lists, many companies overlook the importance of an office deep clean. Many offices have janitorial services that come in at the end of the day after everyone has gone home to do routine sweeping of the floor, throwing away of your trash and sometimes an occasional wiping of the top of your desk but this is not always enough.

Why is an office deep clean important?

A simple routine cleaning is not enough. A deep clean at least once every quarter of the year ensures the health and safety of your workplace. You might think that this is relevant to your every day but you need to realize that you spend a great chunk of your time in the workplace. Therefore, it needs to be clean and hygienic so that your health will not suffer.


A deep clean from your trusted service provider helps eliminate harmful elements not seen by the naked eye. These harmful elements include allergens, dust particles, mold, and even germs that have stuck to your office curtains, carpets, microwaves, and other pieces of furniture.


Deep cleaning sanitizes and cleans the deep corners of your office to ensure that no dark and forgotten corners are thriving with germs.

3 things that your office deep clean should always include:

1. Hard to reach places 


With professional janitorial services on commercial cleaning, we will be able to tackle the hard to reach places that you normally would not think to clean. This might include the top of your aircon machines, vents, and ledges. For hard to reach places, we use a dusting tool to clean the cobwebs, dust, and sometimes the eggs of insects that hang on your ceilings or the uppermost part of your walls. On the other hand, for tall cupboards and cabinets overhead, we use a microfiber cloth and a diluted all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle to polish them. For stainless steel furniture, we use a stainless steel cleaner and furniture polish to ensure that they are cleaned properly and safely. 


The hard to reach places are the forgotten places where harmful particles tend to join together and thrive in each other’s company. Imagine how a quarterly deep cleaning can hinder this from happening. 

Deep cleaning sanitizes and cleans the deep corners of your office to ensure that no dark and forgotten corners are thriving with germs.

2. Never forget vents, baseboards, window ledges and other areas where dust tends to accumulate.


One of the most common triggers of allergies is dust mites. Anti-allergies that you take can sometimes trigger sleepiness which might hinder work efficiency resulting in not meeting deadlines or missing meetings.


Dust easily builds up in places that we forget to dust or wipe. Thorough and regular cleaning lessens allergens and can help ease allergies. This is done by dusting or by wiping surfaces like walls, baseboards, window ledges, blinds, and even office decors that tend to accumulate dust. We make sure that when we wipe surfaces, we use an all-purpose cleaner to dampen the cloth to easily remove dust particles. One technique that we use while cleaning is working from the top down so that dust can fall to the floor where you can easily vacuum or mop them. 


An office deep clean sanitizes those forgotten places so that you have one less allergy trigger to think about! How good it feels to work in a place where you know that dust is not creeping just around the corner waiting to trigger that first of many sneezes.

3. The best kind of deep cleaning moves all the furniture so that the floors can be vacuumed, mopped, or scrubbed.


Bacteria can easily build-up on your floors. Spilled drinks and food leads to ugly stains that can really stick and even smell. Unappealing floors can give the impression of a dirty office that might turn away future investors or clients.


Professional deep cleaning in the office moves the furniture around so that no area is left unchecked. We start by vacuuming office upholstery then we proceed to the floors. We move furniture around to get under and behind the hidden areas. For carpeted floors, we use a high powered vacuum that traps dust and allergen particles. For floors without carpets, we also use a vacuum and a mop to polish the floor. We make sure that we mop the edges and corners of the floor first to make sure that we won’t miss anything. After this, we follow the figure 8 technique for large open spaces so that the whole floor is covered. 


After we have cleaned out everything, we make sure to perform a thorough inspection of the whole area to make sure that everything is beyond satisfactory.

Arrange an office deep clean today

A clean office space speaks a lot to those who come inside their walls. They provide a welcoming breath of fresh air that will make people comfortable and relaxed. On the other hand, smelly floors and dusty air vents that might make them uneasy and even sick. Your office should be a safe and healthy space where you can get maximum work done with minimal distractions. This is something that can be easily achieved with at least a quarterly deep cleaning in one year.

There is no time like the present to schedule your office deep clean. Arrange one with your trusted service provider that will provide you with cleaning services that suit your needs and your schedule. You can have them scheduled after office work hours or during the weekends so that neither they will disrupt your normal work schedule nor distract your employees from doing their work. 

Don’t hesitate to invest in an office deep clean today. With Progressive Clean, we offer diverse cleaning services that will outweigh your hesitations. Instead of thinking about how it will cost you, look at it as investing in your health and your company’s success.

~ By Kristine Redillas, Team Progressive Cleaning

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