5 Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Daycare Center

5 Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Daycare Center

5 cleaning tips for a healthy daycare center

The future belongs to the children, may it be that they are playing inside their houses, climbing trees, swimming on beaches, and even playing at a daycare center. It is our job as adults to prepare them for the task ahead. Part of this job that we have been entrusted with is making sure that we protect them from all the evils and dangers in their environment so that they grow up to be healthy and happy adults, ready to change the world.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. - Stacia Tauscher

Today, that kid is a toddler in a daycare center. Even during this stage of early development, we need to take good care of them from all the potential health hazards that their environment poses. Ensuring that your children are enrolled in a good and healthy daycare center is important to their physical and mental growth. If they are in a healthy environment, then it will be easier for them to learn unhindered by allergies, viruses, coughs, fevers, and others.

What are 5 cleaning tips for a healthy daycare center that you should take note of?

1) Clean and sanitize the things that children usually come into contact with inside your daycare center.

This is a lot. Kids like to touch a lot of things since they are at that age where almost everything interests them and they are curious about a lot of things. Common things kids touches are doorknobs and daycare toys. Toys are their treasures and absolute joy, and besides playing with them, they share, therefore your daycare center must have clean toys. Stuffed toys can easily build up dust that can lead to allergies and even asthma if it is not being used all the time. You can clean stuffed toys by deep-freezing them weekly in a plastic bag. Do this for about 4-5 hours. This will kill dust mites, allergens, and germs that have taken shelter there.

Plastic toys are easier to clean as you can do this routinely through the help of a health-based commercial cleaning company. Remember that germs can easily buildup on toys since they come in direct contact with hands that touched a lot of things.

2) Prioritize scheduled clean-ups with a local health-based commercial cleaning company.

It is good to team up with a local commercial cleaning company that can help you clean the facility and the toys on a regular schedule. With this kind of partnership, trust is established between two establishments that seek to promote each other’s good business. We all need each other to thrive in this world.

3) Choose cleaning products that are safe for children.

Choosing good cleaning products is important because children are very vulnerable to chemical exposures. Before partnering with your desired health-based commercial cleaning company, it is advantageous to know what products they are using. Be careful to read all the labels and to know the health history of your kids to avoid any complications in the future.

4) Comply with the health standards for cleaning and disinfection.

There are certain standards, as set by the state or province that we need to comply with to make sure that the daycare center is a healthy environment for kids to be in. Having a health-based local commercial cleaning company who follows health standards for cleaning and disinfection can help alleviate your concerns in this area as they can take care of the rest.

5) Properly and immediately clean out spoiled or spilled foods.

Never allow spoiled or spilled foods to go unnoticed until you forget about them. Sometimes where it was spilled might not leave visual evidence but the germs build-up is there. That’s the tricky thing about germs, you don’t always see them but they are there and sometimes they let their presence know and catches kids off guard. This is true especially if the immune system of the toddlers are not that strong. Thorough cleaning services provided by a health-based local commercial cleaning company can lessen your worries as they will provide you services that more than meets the eye. They can get into the nitty-gritty of cleaning surfaces that you would not even take a second look at.

Before partnering with your desired health-based commercial cleaning company, it is advantageous to know what products they are using.

In addition to these 5 cleaning tips, it is important to practice proper hygiene inside the daycare center.  Teach kids to wash their hands after they play with their toys, before they eat, and when they have been outside. There are lots of germs around us and the best way to prevent them from spreading is to wash them out. Good hygiene is a great investment not just to our health but also to the younger generation. As they say, health is wealth. We cannot afford our kids to fall ill. They are the future.

A clean daycare center is a happy daycare center. A healthy daycare center is the breeding ground of future presidents, future leaders, great thinkers, innovative inventors, scientists, astronauts, librarians, musicians, computer geniuses, and so much more. The possibilities are endless and we want all that for them. We want these kids to have the best life and the best in life so we do it in all the ways that we can.

First, we start by giving them the best daycare center. We exhaust our efforts in making sure that they are provided with a clean environment through the help of a local health-based local commercial cleaning company. This is all done in compliance with health standards in place.

Then, we allow them to thrive in their environment. We let them be themselves through proper guidance and education.

For help with keeping your daycare center clean and healthy, contact Progressive Cleaning today to request a quote. Let us keep the fun in your facility!

~ By Kristine Redillas, Team Progressive Cleaning

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