5 Hotspots of Office Germs in a Workplace

5 Hotspots of Office Germs in a Workplace

5 hotspots of office germs in a workplace

Let’s start by saying that germs are everywhere. You can’t see them but they’re there.

Your workplace is no exception; no matter how clean you keep your desk or think that it is a seeming healthy workplace. An amusing way of describing office germs in your workplace is that they’re your invisible co-workers. Always present, never absent. They probably keep a cleaner attendance sheet than you.

Bad germs can cause all kinds of diseases and pain. We must do what we can to eliminate them so we won’t have to suffer the effects that they have in our body. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

Here are the most common bad guys to watch out for in an office setting:

1.) Influenza or generally known as the flu

Influenza is a dangerously infectious disease with mild to severe symptoms. It is an airborne respiratory virus that spreads through when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This is one reason why air quality is important when it comes to office cleaning.

2.) Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) or the “ulcer bacteria”

This type of bacteria causes sores, also known as ulcers inside your stomach or in your small intestine. Signs of an ulcer include sharp pain in your stomach area, especially between meals or on an empty stomach. That’s no way to enjoy your lunch break!

3.) Hepatitis A virus

This is one of the highly contagious viruses that can infect your liver. You get them through an infected person or contaminated food and water. Common signs of infection include fatigue, dark urine, joint pain, yellowing of your skin, and loss of appetite.

4.) Salmonella sp

Salmonella causes food poisoning that leads to diarrhea and even vomiting. We come into contact with this type of bacteria through consuming undercooked or contaminated water and food. Think about your office potluck. Make sure everyone who is participating fully cook all food.

5.) Staph bacteria or Staphylococcus

This particular type of bacteria enters your body through small cuts, wounds, or generally where your skin is exposed in some way. Coming in contact with this leads to skin infections, abscesses, or swollen skin. Other cases, if not treated immediately, lead to blood poisoning and pneumonia.

5 hotspots of office germs

Now that we know what we are up against, it’s time to strategize and step forward into enemy grounds. Time to start preventing these office germs.

1.) Office doorknobs

One of the most commonly touched areas is the office doors. You will never be able to fully imagine just how each hand is infected by all kinds of germs. This depends on what they last come in contact with.

Let’s face it, not everyone remembers to wash their hands.

2.) Keyboard and Mouse

If you didn’t know it yet, we are telling you now. Your keyboard and mouse is home to thousands of bacteria. Without proper hand washing and sanitation, you can spread germs after coming into contact with your computer apparatus.

3.) Mugs

Mugs that are not properly washed are the perfect breeding grounds of germs, leading to the contamination of your drinks. Without properly washing your mugs, you might develop a bacterial infection that may lead to further illnesses.

Therefore, always remember to thoroughly wash and dry your mugs after drinking.

4.) The office photocopier

Photocopiers are important to every workplace. Almost any department in an office uses one to reproduce important documents or handouts for meetings and presentations. Hence, we can measure its value just by how many people use it every day. That’s a lot of hands and a lot of germs. Flu and viruses easily transfer from one person to another just by coming into contact with the surface of the photocopier.

5.) Elevator buttons

For those who cannot simply trade the ease of riding the elevator for the stairs, keep in mind that the buttons there come into contact with hundreds and even thousands of hands filled with germs.

An amusing way of describing office germs in your workplace is that they’re your invisible co-workers. Always present, never absent. They probably keep a cleaner attendance sheet than you.

Tips for a clean office environment

We are in a war, my friends and the ultimate goal of this fighting is a healthy workplace through proper office cleaning and personal hygiene because health is wealth.

1.) Properly wash your hands.

We do not just advise that you wash your hands, but that you do it properly as well. Wet your hands under running water then rub them together with soap, scrub the back of your hand, the spaces between your fingers and even under your nails. Do it for at least 20 seconds or more. Then rinse your hands well again with water. This simple act can save you from diseases that germs in your office carry.

2.) Do office cleaning by disinfecting your workplace and resolve to do it regularly.

Keep in mind that bacteria thrive in dirty surroundings. Clean your mugs and food containers, disinfect your table, keyboard, mouse, pens, phone and other things you regularly use using disinfecting wipes or even alcohol. Your cleaning service contractor should help with this!

3.) Handle food properly.

Remember that contaminated food can lead to liver disease and other sicknesses that you can avoid. Separate raw and cooked foods. Wash your hands and sanitize the surfaces of where you prepare your food. Lastly, make sure that you refrigerate leftover food after eating.

4.) Wear a mask at work if you are feeling under the weather to avoid spreading germs.

A lot of germs are airborne therefore it can easily spread, wearing a mask can prevent it from infecting others.

5.) Seek consultation from a medical practitioner immediately.

If you feel that you might be coming down with something serious, it is never a bad thing to seek out help immediately. Early detection of possible infections saves you a lot of trouble like missing out on work or calling in sick.

~ By Kristine Redillas, Team Progressive Cleaning

Progressive Cleaning delivers commercial cleaning and janitorial services that help establish and maintain the cleanest and healthiest possible workplace for you and your employees to thrive. Create an environment that helps optimize productivity, minimize staff days lost to sickness, boost customer satisfaction, and actually drive revenue. Contact us today!

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