5 Reasons to Hire a Janitorial Service for Your Office

5 Reasons to Hire a Janitorial Service for Your Office

5 reasons to hire a janitorial service for your office

The place you are in every day may reflect you and your personality; and for employees, it’s their office. The physical appearance of an office gives an overall impression to the clients, showing the professionalism of every individual working in it. This physical appearance not only pertains to office structure and layout but also the cleanliness of surroundings. This is why companies must assign or hire personnel or even have professional janitorial service to make sure that cleanliness is well-maintained.

Here are some of the reasons why maintaining a clean office is good for a company:

  • First impression lasts. Clients, potential employees, and investors will think badly of the company if they arrive there and find the area untidy. Remember that it is in people’s nature to be judgmental to what they see.
  • Health is wealth. A clean environment will be free from germs and bacteria that cause viruses. Furthermore, if employees will be free from viruses, the lesser it is for them to get sick and take leave of absences.
  • Happy employees result in productive and efficient employees as well. If the employees can be relaxed and feel at ease in their office area, they will surely love to work in it every day.
  • Unkept surroundings unconsciously add stress to any individual. Any job is stressful so other elements in the office mustn’t add stress to employees.

It is a responsibility that everyone has to share to keep the workplace clean. But because of many tasks, it adds burden to any employee that they have to maintain a clean office; not only their personal space but the whole office area as well. For most companies, it’s cleanliness that is seldom being focused on by its owner and employees; this is where janitorial service comes in handy.

Janitorial services aim to keep and maintain any kind of office clean and healthy. Any employer will have an assurance that the cleaners that will handle their office will all be professionals and well-trained to do such tasks. Premium service is expected from them as they are experts in the field of cleaning. Their service can also be customized just so it will fit any business type. The company can also request some adjustments just in case they have special occasions and needed more workers to do additional cleaning tasks. These are just some of the minor advantages of having one.

To understand more of the major advantages, here are some more reasons to hire a Janitorial Service for your office:

1. Employees Are More Productive

Occasionally, employees can help with daily and scheduled deep cleaning, but this may not be regularly done as they are supposed to be focused on their daily work tasks. Imagine an employee spending an hour cleaning his/her table and surroundings; that one hour can mean everything to an employee who has so much on their plate. If there’s a janitorial service assigned to do this daily cleaning routine, then employees will have more time spent to do a task that is vital to the company, making them more productive. Moreover, the cluttered working area makes an employee focus less and work slower than the normal routine. Employees want to feel taken care of and having a third party do the cleaning tasks will make them feel important as they will know that the company wants them to be productive and healthy.

2. Reduce Cost

It might not look like hiring janitorial service can reduce cost at first since the company will need to provide additional cost for it; but in the long run, it will be noticeable. If a company will not prefer not to have one, then they will need to hire an additional employee intended to do the cleaning task (utility workers/janitors). Yes, this additional employee will be an additional asset but they will be additional liabilities as well. Additional employees to be processed in the payroll, additional employees to be given bonuses, additional employees to be taken care of insurances and other government mandatory benefits. If there is a professional janitorial service hired, the employer will already skip the hassle task of having a new employee.

Employees want to feel taken care of and having a third party do the cleaning tasks will make them feel important as they will know that the company wants them to be productive and healthy.

3. A Healthier Workplace

Physical appearance is not the only concern when it comes to cleanliness; everyone knows that a clean environment also means a healthy environment. Germs and bacteria are organisms that are hard to avoid, simply because they are invisible. Viruses can be easily spread from one employee to another employee as they are just sharing the same air and environment. Professional cleaners will know the best possible way to sanitize the working environment. They are trained to know which part of the office and which office equipment needs more focused since it has the most germs

4. Professional Cleaners Have the Right Equipment

Professional janitorial service is focused on anything that is about cleaning, therefore investing in the highest standard of equipment as well. Their job is expected to be done right all the time since they have all the right supplies and equipment; therefore saving time and supplies. The risk of your furniture and environment to be damaged by using low-class cleaning equipment will be very little. Moreover, they are also the one knowledgeable enough to know which kind of product to be used on which kind of environment.

5. Change Your Image

Having said earlier that it’s already in the people’s nature to be judgmental, over-all cleanliness greatly affects the way clients, investors and future employees perceive the company. This outsider’s perception will reflect on the company’s reputation and it’s very important to take good care of this. By having professional janitorial services, they will make sure that the company will achieve the reputation that they are aiming for and trying to maintain. They will also assure the employer that they will be the only ones worried about the office’s cleanliness.

By having the right team of professional commercial cleaners, cleanliness, efficiency, and safety of the employees and clients of a company will be maximized. Therefore, the company can easily focus on its vision and goals, resulting in a 100% customer satisfaction.


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~ By Gem Ciolo, Team Progressive Cleaning

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