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Clear thinking, productive employees and great first impressions are all the results of a clean and healthy workplace. Progressive Cleaning is committed to becoming a true partner in the success of our client’s business by delivering on those results.  We earn our clients trust by understanding the needs of our client’s business and executing the right commercial cleaning program that delivers consistently every time. Progressive Cleaning provides commercial cleaning and janitorial services throughout Brevard County, Florida.


With nearly 25 years of combined executive experience in facility maintenance, logistics and janitorial operations our leadership team is well positioned to establish consistent cleaning programs that creates the optimum environment where employees can thrive, and their customers and visitors have great first impressions. Progressive Cleaning was co-founded by Moses Harvin II, a strategic-minded business professional with an established history of managing multi-million dollar facility maintenance accounts nation-wide, and Jamara Wilson Harvin, a proven business leader who’s helped businesses across multiple industries streamline management processes, establish operational agility and strengthen vendor relationships. Together, they have built an organization, with a team of dedicated cleaning specialists, focused on delivering the value of clean.

Moses Harvin 2023
Moses Harvin II

  • Favorite Food: Ribeye Steak
  • Favorite Spot in Brevard County: The Beach
  • Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Jamara Wilson 2023
Jamara Wilson Harvin

  • Favorite Food: Salmon
  • Favorite Spot in Brevard County: HomeGoods
  • Favorite TV Show: Suits


Our guiding principle is our commitment to integrity and service excellence. We sustain a strong business culture by remaining true to this commitment and our core values.

  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable.
  • We have high standards, and we help each other achieve them.
  • We set clear and specific commitments, and we meet them.
Honest Communication

  • We practice honest communication and lead with transparency.
  • We communicate early, often, clearly and effectively.

  • We take control and make things happen.
  • We are actively engaged, not passively observing.
Have Fun. Work Hard.

  • We’re passionate about the work we do, while having fun doing it.
  • The work we accomplish is valuable to our clients, our company and our community.
Continuous Improvement

  • We’re always looking for new ways to improve.  We’re open to bold new ideas if we can test them and learn from them.
  • We take every opportunity to learn and grow. Our ongoing development is a benefit to our team, our clients and our community.

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