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Our commercial cleaning programs are custom-designed to deliver specific results to meet your facility’s needs.  Our frequency planning approach enables us to match to your schedule and budget. Cleaning programs that are customized specifically for the facility type and client needs, ensures the cleanest and healthiest results possible. Leaving you with a clean and healthy workplace.

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Progressive Cleaning’s modern systematic approach to cleaning delivers high quality services every time.

Implementation is how strategies and plans are turned into action. We meet with every client to outline and confirm a custom program to deliver specific results and optimize your personal experience. Our goal is to implement an effective cleaning program that promotes the health of the facility occupants while also maintaining the facility appearance.  After designing the custom cleaning program, we then program our field service management software with the service frequencies, job forms, checklists, team routing and scheduling specifically customized to your facility for your personal experience.

A properly trained employee is empowered to deliver better quality work. Before entering your facility, our cleaning technicians receive client specific orientation and training.  This ensures that your assigned cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained and prepared to execute the cleaning program as prescribed. All of our cleaning technicians are trained to adhere to the best cleaning practices and guidelines published by national industry organizations such as ISSA, EPA, and CDC. They are also trained on the best practices for customer service and professional interaction with customers, associates and visitors.

Quality control is essential to delivering a cleaning program that meets and exceeds customer expectations every time. Our Quality model promotes the necessity of continuous improvement and following the basic steps of our processes leads to exceptional service and enhances customer satisfaction. Our methodology for continuous improvement is to first define the needs of our customer, followed by measuring how successfully we are meeting those needs. We analyze where a gap may exist, then we find ways to improve our processes and close the gap. Our Quality Control identification methodology is the systematic surveillance of activities performed to identify deviations in quality of service before the performance level becomes deficient.

Transparency and clear communication are key to quality service. We make the first move to help our clients by going out of our way to find potential problems and then resolve them before clients need to ask for help. We listen closely to what you are saying, identify common pain points and fix them by gathering your feedback. This approach allows you to consistently reach the value that we promise.  We also offer 24/7 customer service through our Client Hub. Client hub is a self-serve, online experience that allows you to approve quotes, check appointment details, pay invoices, print receipts, or request more work—all in one place. Our clients can access the client hub via a secure email link or log-in directly from our website—no pesky passwords to remember in either case.


We employ proven best practices that make the difference; resulting in cleaner, healthier facilities and a more desirable environment.

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Cleaning for Appearance and Health

Just because it looks and smells cleans, doesn’t mean it’s actually clean.  At Progressive Cleaning we focus on cleaning for appearance and health, rather than focusing on cleaning for appearance only.  Cleaning for health is a proven best practice that results in cleaner, healthier facilities; improved safety in the workplace; a more desirable workplace; and reduced cost. It is our responsibility to remove dirt and harmful contaminants that are likely to make employees and customers sick. Our cross-contamination control procedures provide a healthy and safe workplace for your employees and customers.

EcoSensitive Cleaning

We maintain a commitment to a clean and healthy environment. We utilize green cleaning practices and environmentally responsible and sustainable products. Our EcoSensitive Cleaning programs are designed to reduce the exposure of our client’s facilities and occupants and our cleaning personnel to potentially hazardous procedures, products, and equipment that could adversely affect human health and the environment. Learn more.

Technology Driven

We are a technology driven company that automates our cleaning processes wherever possible. We have invested in field service management, client communication, and Client Relationship Management (CRM) technology that enables us to deliver consistent service every time. Because transparency and clear communication are a valuable to all of our clients, we provide easy, secure, access to your records, invoicing, and communication channels with us through our unique, self-serve Client Hub.  We also equip our employees with the latest cleaning technology to make their job easier and your facility cleaner.

Custom Cleaning Programs

Not every facility requires the same approach. Every facility has different needs based on the type of business, the number of employees, foot traffic, soil levels in the facility and various other factors.  We will work with you to develop a customized cleaning program ; based on frequency planning to match your specific schedule and budget requirements. Our cleaning plans are custom designed to deliver specific results built to meet your facility’s needs.

Quality Service...Every Time

Our goal is to earn our clients trust and build lasting relationships. We do that by delivering premium commercial cleaning services that are high quality every time . We give our team everything they need to deliver consistent service every time. We share completed checklists through the Client Hub so that you can see how consistent and thorough our team really is.

Progressive cleaning brand logo iconWHAT CAN CLEAN DO?

Cleaner, Healthier Facility

A clean workplace is not just about what it looks like. A truly clean workplace benefits you, your employees and everyone who encounters your facility by eliminating germs, reducing bacteria, minimizing exposure to allergens and simply providing a healthy, good-feeling place to work.

Increase Productivity

Productivity is one of the most immediate ways in which you, as an employer, can impact your bottom line. When you provide your employees a clean, hygienic place to work, they have fewer distractions, call in sick less often, feel better about the time they spend at work and just have better focus on their day-to-day activities.

Reduce Cost

Did you know that lost productive time for health related reasons averages $1,320 per employee per year? Our proven best practices of “Cleaning for Health and Appearance” could reduce the probability of infection for common cold and flu by as much as 80%, the number of surfaces contaminated by viruses by 62%, and reduce absenteeism by as much as 46% in your workplace.

Enhance Your Image

What kind of impression does your facility make when people walk in for the first time? People are impressed by and trust cleanliness. When a client, customer, or employee experiences your clean, healthy, tidy, good-smelling workplace for the first time, they see that you value the things that matter.

Reduce Strain on Staff

Who’s responsible for cleaning your facility right now? If you leave it to your employees, is it the most valuable use of their time? Even if you don’t need a full-time cleaning staff, having a regularly scheduled professional cleaning is a more cost-effective solution with a better end result.

Improve Air Quality

Something as seemingly simple as the quality of the air we breathe inside your facility can have a significant impact on your workforce. By consistently cleaning and vacuuming, you can improve air quality in your workplace leading to lower absenteeism, higher productivity and a happier, healthier staff.


There is a misconception that if it “looks and smells clean” then it must be clean. Progressive Cleaning is here to ensure that your office and building is clean, green, and healthy. We deploy the latest cleaning technology and modern cross-contamination and infection control procedures that result in a healthy and safe workplace.

Progressive Cleaning color coded cleaning diagram

To help reduce cross-contamination we have color coded cleaning system that ensures that certain tools are only used for certain tasks.  Our microfiber mops and cleaning cloths are categorized by color to clean specific areas.

stack of color coded microfiber cloths for cleaning

Not only are they more hygienic, microfibers are able to magnetically attach themselves to even the most microscopic dirt and dust particles—ones that normal cloth fibers crudely brush past.  Using microfiber cloths mops keep your facility hygienically clean.

microfiber mop charging bucket

In medical facilities we use microfiber mops in conjunction with advanced bucket system to prevent cross-contamination.  We use one pre-saturated microfiber mop head for each room, which reduces the risk of transferring bacteria and viruses from one room to another.

HEPA filter backpack vacuum

We use efficient HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums to keep the dust down in the building, which means better air quality. When employees work in a building with good air quality, they are more productive and have fewer absences.

Are you ready to discover the Progressive Difference? Contact us for a clean and healthy facility.