How Proper Medical Office Cleaning Enhances Patient Experience

How Proper Medical Office Cleaning Enhances Patient Experience

How Proper Medical Office Cleaning Enhances Patient Experience

Nothing is more depressing than a client that is disappointed and dissatisfied. Overall satisfaction of clients is the first and foremost goal in any establishment. Some ways it can be measured is the client’s feedback personally or online, a tip in the box, or a client that returns to be a regular customer. For medical facilities, it’s different. Satisfied clients, patients perhaps, shouldn’t be measured if they keep coming back, right? This is why only the best service, with the best healthcare facilities, should be offered to patients. This best service includes proper medical office cleaning that helps any healthcare facility to eliminate bacteria and germs that is mostly present at all times.

Let’s face it, humans are judgmental by nature. If they see a doctor’s office table cluttered and dusty, will they trust this doctor? If they go out into the hospital hallway and see garbage cans not properly labeled and maintained, will they be comfortable? If they enter the restroom and it has an awful smell, will they be at ease? If they happened to pass by around the emergency or operating room and they spotted blood on the floors, will they still stay? We all know that the answer is a big no. This shows that overall cleanliness of a medical office facility vaguely affects the overall satisfaction of the patient and its family. This is why medical office cleaning strategy is one of the main focuses of any medical office; it is as equally important with the manner of workers in attending to patients and the food offered to them.

Here is some importance of a clean and maintained medical office:

  • Appearance of the environment of a medical office gives the first impression
  • Gaining trust from the patients and their family
  • Eliminating the anxiousness if patients and their family can see unmanaged facilities
  • Avoid the spread of bacteria that can infect more patients and visitors
  • Workers are motivated to focus on their job

Cleaning medical facilities go beyond the basic cleaning of dusting floors and furniture, cleaning of rooms and disposal of trash. Since the environment of this kind of facility has a high risk of the spread of germs and bacteria, a deep and terminal cleaning routine must be regularly performed. This includes vacuuming of floors, chairs, and bed, dusting of low and high areas, cleaning of doorknobs and walls, suitable sterilization and proper disposal of waste that are hazardous and non-hazardous.

Having mentioned earlier that healthcare facilities cannot measure patient’s satisfaction if they keep coming back leads to another situation of what if the disease of a patient doubled up after getting in the health care facilities and one possible reason for this is a poor medical office cleaning strategy? Yes, this is possible.

HAIs or Healthcare-Associated Infections are contaminations that people get while they are getting treated on another ailment. It can be triggered by exposure to viruses and bacteria that are commonly present to any healthcare facilities such as ambulance, hospital, and clinic. Unfortunately, studies show that the number of people acquiring this kind of condition is large in numbers. This kind of situation can lead to a lengthened stay in the hospital or worst death – which both requires added emotional and financial burden. Many factors can affect HAIs but the most important one is the poor cleaning and maintenance of a healthcare facility.

Some factors to consider in medical office cleaning:

  • Spread of germs through sneezing and coughing
  • Contamination of some medical devices
  • Death of a patient infected with lots of complications or bacteria
  • Body discharge and blood
  • Ventilation for patients that have an airborne disease
  • Waste that is sharp, toxic and infectious

Compared to other establishments such as malls, restaurants, hotels, schools, and offices, health care facilities require a lot more effort and a more defined level of cleaning. The mentioned factors are just some reasons that concern medical treatment, the welfare of patients and dealing with hazardous chemicals. Moreover, another reason for the strict maintenance of medical office facilities is its compliance with the health regulations of the United States.

To make sure that establishments abide with the standards, inspections are done anytime even without prior notice; with this, medical offices always make sure that they are prepared which is why some hire a proper Cleaning Service Contractor

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency responsible for assisting employers with regards to the safety and health of any establishments. The goal of OSHA is to protect the health of workers, prevent accidents, and save lives. To make sure that establishments abide with the standards, inspections are done anytime even without prior notice; with this, medical offices always make sure that they are prepared which is why some hire a proper Cleaning Service Contractor as they are professional enough to manage and perform specific cleaning necessities.

Here are just a few guides in complying with the standards about OSHA 3187-09R (2003):

· Bloodborne Pathogens Standard


Precautions for things used in blood drawn from the usage of gloves, needles, to cleaning materials of spills; proper disposal must also be clear.


Basic requirements: Annual control plan, Usage of universal precautions, Proper usage of Personal Protective Equipment, Color-coding and labeling of items, Training of employees, Control of regulated waste


Advantages of Proper Cleaning Service Contractor: A group of well-trained staff is knowledgeable on the proper cleaning and sanitation of areas where blood are usually present, operating rooms in particular. Cleaning in this area takes time as it is really sensitive, however, this kind of area usually has a fast turnover rate. With a cleaning service contractor, the management wouldn’t be bothered on how to clean the area in the fastest manner as the cleaning service contractor is well-trained to clean on the best way and in the fastest way possible.

· Hazard Communication and Ionizing Radiation


Medical offices are open to every kind of people, doctor, nurses, patient up to visitors, thus, clear communication regarding the presence of any hazardous materials and area with radiation must be established. Too much exposure to chemicals and radiation is not safe for anyone; therefore workers must be properly monitoring the radiation amount they are being exposed to.


Basic requirements: Hazard communication program including its disposal procedure, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) per chemical, a restricted area and proper label and caution signs, accurate monitoring of radiation.


Advantages of Proper Cleaning Service Contractor: With professionals focusing on cleaning and maintaining the area, doctors, nurses, and other medical workers can focus on monitoring the amount of radiation rather than having to bother any untidy areas.

· Exit Routes


In every establishment, emergency exits must be perfectly determined.


Basic requirements: Accessible and safe emergency exits that are free from any blockage, Illustration of the evacuation plan in all visible areas.


Advantages of Proper Cleaning Service Contractor: Experienced cleaning contractors are trained and used in any situation that may arise, even the emergency ones. They are well knowledgeable about what maintenance and cleaning are needed on the emergency exits and its routes.

· Electrical


Vigilant attention to areas where flammable gases are present must be studied in details to avoid fire or explosion.


Basic requirements: Coordination with Fire department, Insurance Company, and OSHA before the installation of wiring and electrical equipment.


Advantages of Proper Cleaning Service Contractor: Supposed that something went wrong with regards to maintenance of electrical areas and a medical office doesn’t have any cleaning contractor, the blame will fall back on the management. But if there is a contractor, they will be the one liable and must take full responsibility for anything; therefore, making the management focused on other things to fix what went wrong.

Another advantage of having a proper cleaning service contractor is that they are always updated with the best and latest equipment and technology. By having the best tools and equipment, the medical office manager can make sure that the cleaning contractor will provide the highest quality of cleaning possible.


By looking at the overall importance of medical office cleaning, it is understood that the patient’s experience is what matters most. Medical offices’ goal is not to hire the best doctor in town, or to have a huge income, but to properly attend to their patient and to make sure that they will receive the best care possible. By having a satisfied patient, who experiences a clean medical facility, the medical office will most likely be recommended.

To learn how Progressive Cleaning can help you maintain your medical office facility contact us today to discuss specifications suitable for your facility.

~ By Gem Ciolo, Team Progressive Cleaning

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