Is Your Facility Optimized for Productivity and a Great First Impression?

Is Your Facility Optimized for Productivity and a Great First Impression?

why you should maintain a clean office

Executives often focused on the way they run the business, like the hiring of perfect employees, the strategy needed to become competitive in the market and the likes. However, maintaining a clean office is often overlooked. This is why having a professional cleaning service is very important, as was discussed in this post.

A very brief discussion on the importance of maintaining a clean office was also mentioned in the said post and to further understand those in detail, this article will help you with it.

Here are some of the importance of maintaining a clean office:

First Impression Lasts

One of the best ways to catch the interest of any client is by the looks of the office itself. The first time a client arrives at any office, what will be noticeable is the physical look of the office and not the quality of service yet; whether if the office area is neat, comfortable or way too unpleasant in the eyes. Judging what our eyes can see is very easy; therefore one must not overlook the big and small details that can contribute to the tidy look of any office. Here are some of the office areas that should be focused on to make a good impression on clients:

  • Entrance – the very first area that will welcome the client. Take a shop or a restaurant for an instance, if the entrance is not welcoming or untidy, customers will not think of entering the establishment; therefore, losing any chance of sales. Paying attention to the door, windows, and area outside the door must not be overlooked.
  • Reception – the next area that will welcome the client. The reception is where the client will have their first transaction, so it should look neat and properly arranged. Too many things present will make it look cluttered, so make it as open and have a few items as possible. 
  • Restroom – the client will appreciate an establishment if they see that the restroom is truly clean. Once they see that the restroom is unclean, there’s a chance that they will not use it anymore, and if they cannot use the restrooms, why would they spend most of their time inside that establishment? Regular checking on the restroom for the entire day is a necessity so a checklist must be present to make sure that everything will be checked properly.

By paying attention to these areas, an office will surely leave an impression that they have everything under control, that they are paying attention to details, and that they can be very successful.

Health is Wealth in a Clean Office


Did you know that a work desk contains more germs compared to a toilet bowl? According to some research, due to the fact that employees do not wash their hands regularly, there are over 10 million bacteria present in an office. That’s quite a number!


Office areas that contain most germs and bacteria are well discussed on this post, aside from that, common viruses that we need to watch out for and other tips on how to maintain a clean office environment were also discussed.

Happy Employees Result in Productive and Efficient Employees

Nothing is more comfortable for an employee than to work in a well-kept and clean office. Since employees are the most important asset of any business, taking care of them is one thing that the management should focus on. Below are some factors on how does cleanliness affect employees’ productivity:

  • Part of employees’ productivity has something to do with the attendance and one factor that affects attendance is the health of an employee. If the office is always clean and free from germs, employees will have an assurance that their health will not be taken for granted and sick days will be lessened.
  • Employees tend to be distracted with clutters; this is because the human brain tends to concentrate more in an uncluttered space. Moreover, it’s very hard to work in a desk that is full of papers and stuff leaving no space for new documents at all. If the office area is tidy employees will be less distracted and will be more interested in finishing their tasks on time.
  • Finding a document in an unorganized area can be time-consuming, resulting in less time for the actual task to be done. The less time an employee can give to a certain task, the less productivity it is for them.
  • A clean office makes an employee be in a better mood and if the employees are in a good mood, the more likely it is for them to perform in the best way they can.
A clean office makes an employee be in a better mood and if the employees are in a good mood, the more likely it is for them to perform in the best way they can.

Unkept Surrounding, Unconsciously, Add Stress to Employees

The status of the cleanliness of an office not only affects the physical body or health of an employee but the mental health as well. Who would want to arrive in an office that is full of clutter and dust? If this is what you can see every day, you will just feel stressed and less interested to start your work on time.

Here are some of the reasons how an unkept office affects the mental health of an employee:

  • A cluttered desk area can give employees a sense of feeling that they can no longer control their space, thus making them feel emotional and distressed. If you can no longer control simple things like your office area, chances are, you can no longer control your life as well.
  • Searching for a document for a long time not only affects the productivity of an employee, but it also adds stress as you will feel irresponsible about the task given to you.
  • Employees judge each other by the looks of their desks. If one can maintain their desk as tidy as possible, this will give them more confidence and a positive feeling the whole day. This will also make them sure that their co-workers will not be bothered to judge their desks.

With the employees having lots of duties and responsibilities, it is very normal for one to neglect cleaning their workspace. This is why it is important to seek the help of professional cleaning service since they will not only focus on big details but also small ones. Progressive Cleaning can assure you that every detail in the office will be taken care of.

One must always remember that the way an office looks will reflect not only on the business’ image but on the employees as well. If it’s a clean office, the client will assume that the employees are professional enough to maintain such cleanliness. On the other hand, an unclean office will cause a lack of trust in the employees of that office.

~ By Gem Ciolo, Team Progressive Cleaning

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