The Importance of School Cleaning Services

The Importance of School Cleaning Services

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A school is a place where students spend most of their time within a day. It is a special environment that exists to improve the learning process of children. On this note, aside from quality education, health and security of the children are one of the top concerns of nearly every parent and school official. Germs and bacteria are everywhere in a school – classrooms, cafeteria, toiletries, library, playground, and other areas; thus, constantly cleaning is required. More than that, the school environment can be said to affect student performance and morale either positively or negatively; so for a parent, why would you take the risk of bringing your child to a school without proper school cleaning services?


In a school environment, germs that cause sickness can be easily passed on either from student to student or teacher to student and vice versa. The more people getting sick, the less productivity it is for the school; the lesser the productivity, the lesser the interest it is for the teacher to teach and the students to learn. Thus, it is understood that a clean and healthy school environment not only does affect students but the teachers and other school staff as well.

Importance of having a clean and healthy school environment

  • Lesser worry for the parents. It gives parents an assurance that their children will be free from dirt and pollution that makes children sick. Having fewer chances of getting sick, children can improve their school performance as sickness is one of the main factors of students’ absenteeism.
  • Lesser distraction for students and teachers. Having a messy room surely makes a teacher get distracted while teaching.
  • More time for learning. No more time will be wasted in searching for a school material (such as crayons, books, etc) in a cluttered area.
  • Installing good habits for children. If children will grow up in a clean school environment, chances are, they will carry this clean state everywhere they go, whether at home or elsewhere.

Understanding the importance of the school environment, it is understood that it is essential to have a secure learning atmosphere free of health issues, no matter the type of school is – whether it is a pre-school or university. There are different types of schools in the USA with regards to the kind of environment and special needs and regards to level and age range.

Different types of school in the USA

With regards to environment and special needs:

Public Schools – schools that are free as they are funded by the government

  • Traditional Public Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Magnet Schools
  • State Colleges
  • State Universities

Private Schools – schools that are not free as they are not funded by the government

  • Traditional Private Schools
  • Boarding Schools
  • Special Education Schools
  • Religious Schools

With regards to level / age range:

  • Pre-school / Pre-kindergarten – early childhood education and is operated by private institutions; ages on this level ranges from 3 to 5 years old
  • Primary School and Middle School – both focus on subjects such as Math, English, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and Art; ages on this level starts at 6 and usually end at 13 to 14 years of age
  • High School / Senior High – students take up core subjects and having additional elective subjects of their choice; ages on this level ranges from 14 to 18
  • College – students choose own undergraduate program of which they are interested to
every school needs to have a proper cleaning management program

In all the above-mentioned type of schools, a clean and healthy school environment must be properly done and maintained. There are some things needed to get done to make this possible. First, is to form a team that will be in charge of all the cleaning and maintenance issues of the schools, train and educate them so that they will clearly understand their duties and responsibilities. A regular schedule of facility maintenance must also be agreed upon and one of the most important things is to have the students be involved. In simple ways, students can have a great impact on the cleanliness of the school environment; yet, it should be properly communicated to every individual in every school. Things such as picking up litter on the floor, avoiding vandalism on tables and chairs and arranging it accordingly, maintaining the cleanliness of toilets by flushing after every use, throwing garbage in the proper trash can and washing hands now and then to avoid the spread of germs.

Moreover, every school needs to have a proper cleaning management program like those with Brevard Public Schools. Its objectives include ensuring the safety and cleanliness of facilities with regards to general usage of the building, creating educational environments that are taken care of, performing general housekeeping daily, and fostering a sense of professionalism among custodians.

However, these are not the only things that should be done to maintain a clean and healthy school environment. This is where school cleaning services should take place. So the question now is what is a school cleaning services and why a school should outsource a service like this when there is already in-house janitorial staff?

School Cleaning Services is a kind of professional service that offers commercial cleaning by providing people with expertise in the field of cleaning. Services offered not only pertains to cleaning itself but also the maintenance and using quality products that are not harmful and applies to the client’s unique facility needs. A school might have their in-house janitorial staff but usually, these individuals are just trained for cleaning.  Anything more than cleaning, like what products to use, what things needed full attention to, and other things might be neglected. With this, outsourcing school cleaning services is beneficial for any school.

Here are some benefits of having a professional school cleaning services:

  • Having a professional group that can provide the school with a high level of knowledge and flexibility and can help with unexpected problems and issues.
  • The school management can be guaranteed that every detail of every area is being looked into.
  • It gives an assurance that all the cleaning materials to be used are not harmful. Especially in schools that cater more children than adults (pre-school and elementary), thus, using kid-friendly cleaning materials is as equally as important with cleaning itself.
  • Aside from regular cleaning basis, deep cleaning can also be easily scheduled and administered every school vacation. Activities such as checking of equipment, floorings, replacement of light bulbs, disposal of unused chemicals and such are some samples of deep cleaning.
  • Some cleaning services offer Green Cleaning Services that use environmentally accountable and sustainable cleaning methods and products.
  • The school management can easily adjust the number of people they need for certain occasions such as graduation and other events. Moreover, it will surely meet the schedule and budget requirements of the client.
  • Teachers and other school staff can focus on their job more. Additional tasks such as procurement of cleaning materials and doing payroll of cleaners will be handled by the cleaning services.

By outsourcing a school cleaning services, teachers will achieve its full potential by helping students with their studies, the cleaning services company can live to its mission of providing all relevant service to any facility, students will be more educated, healthy and safe, and parents will be satisfied and happy. A win-win situation everywhere you look.

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~By  Gem Ciolo, Team Progressive Cleaning

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